We are Members of following Business Organisations and Institutions:

Wirtschaftskammer www.wirtschaftskammer.org
  Swiss Venture Club www.swiss-venture-club.ch
  Swiss Export www.swiss-export.com
Swiss Label www.swisslabel.ch
  WASME www.wasmeinfo.org
  Chambre Arabo-Suisse www.casci.ch
  SCCC Swiss-Chinese Chamber www.sccc.ch
  Mongolian Chamber of Commerce www.mongolchamber.mn
  Transparency International www.transparency.ch
  SBASA Swiss Business Association Saudi Arabia
  Swiss Chinese Association www.chinaplatform.ch
  sivg/isade www.sivg.ch
  austrian taskmanager www.atmg.at
  handelskammer beider basel www.hkbb.ch

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